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Top Luxury Travel Buyers Look Forward to ILTM Africa’s Exciting 2023 Lineup

At least 52 leading luxury buyers from across the world will be attending ILTM Africa this year, 88% of which are new to the event. Golf Tourism, EQUAL Africa LUXE and Luxury travel trends top the agenda...

Tarryn Tomlinson – CEO of Liveable Access Consultancy

Eco-tourism is the buzzword in the travel industry, and while it is critically important, the fact that we don’t look after human beings, too, is an issue.  So says Tarryn Tomlinson, the visionary...

WEBINAR: The Ultimate Guide to your new Luxury Traveller to Africa

Remember the days that the luxury traveller to Africa was the affluent retired ‘white’ couple? That demographic has fundamentally changed. The new luxury traveller to Africa is younger and more savvy than ever...

Source Market Playbook: UK

A weak rand is making South Africa a bargain for Brits. There has been other good news for UK travellers wanting to head south. To mark its return, Virgin Atlantic, after a seven-year break, resumed flights...

Space tourism: Is the sky really the limit?

Space tourism is going to change the world – and it’s closer than you think. Experts insist that practically anyone will be able to travel to space soon. In fact, if you have the cash, you could go right...

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