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Africa is all about the people with Johan Radcliffe

A family man at heart, adventurer by nature and entrepreneur by day – Johan has incorporated adventure in to his everyday life. Growing up in a small town with lots of freedom, meant that this was built into his day-to-day from a young age.

Carrying that theme into his adult life influenced many of his decisions to the point of starting Dirty Boots; an adventure guidebook, featuring commercial adventure activities for both domestic and international tourists alike. He says he feels very fortunate to have been able to convert passion into business.

Johan Radcliffe also co-owns African Travel Gateway, a DMC for Southern and East Africa and a software business called 1Tick that supplies a digital indemnity/waiver platform for the adventure and travel industry

What do you love most about Africa?

Africa is all about the people. They are friendly, hospital and colorful.  I have travelled to most continents around the world, and nowhere else do you find such big smiles!

Where are you heading in 2021? What adventures await you?

I am literally on my way to the Kruger Park in a few hours’ time for my first leisure travel post COVID. 

It is a little bit of a surreal feeling but can’t wait to smell the bush and see my first Leopard in a long time.

What is the favourite thing about your role in Africa Travel Week?

I am not sure how to answer this question, but I do always enjoy being one of the few companies, and mostly the only one, selling South Africa as an adventure travel destination. 

Delegates are always surprised to hear how much variety we have to offer.

  • Based on your 5 senses, what are you looking forward to most during the Connect in the City Live in September?

As an exhibitor, I live in Cape Town so my senses are always well used. 

  • Like to see:   The sight that gives me the most pleasure and pride is travelling back into Cape Town down the N1 and coming through the tunnel out of the desert and seeing the classic Table Top of what we call OUR MOUNTAIN!
  • Like to taste: The taste of Cape Town is in my wife’s Bobotie. (a South African dish of curried minced meat baked with a rich savoury custard.) When you are next in Cape Town on a travel show, come visit me at my stand and you might just receive an invite. (Picture of the Bobotie Queen and me)
  • Like to feel: Off course being in the adventure industry, there is only One feeling that I love and that is the one of speed. Dropping down a steep trail on OUR MOUNTAIN, is all I need to end a great day in Cape Town.
  • Like to hear: When you next walk around the city, stop and listen to the people. This is where all 11 South African cultures come together each with there own unique sound.
  • Like to smell: My favorite Cape Town smell is when the wind turns to the north and I get the rich Atlantic Ocean aroma in my nose.

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