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Afrogem’s Roaring Collaboration: Supporting Panthera Africa Through Luxury Jewelry

In the heart of Cape Town, the renowned jewelry brand Afrogem embarks on a year-long quest to unveil the city’s hidden gems and top attractions. But this is not just any journey; it’s a quest with a purpose. Afrogem’s mission is to shine a spotlight on the wonders of their home city while simultaneously supporting an extraordinary cause – Panthera Africa, a sanctuary dedicated to the welfare of majestic big cats.

Earlier this year, Afrogem’s team discovered Panthera Africa during a visit to the big cat sanctuary. During an in-depth tour, they had the privilege of meeting one of Panthera Africa’s founders, Catherine (or Cat as she is affectionately known), The encounter ignited a desire to do more than simply offer a corporate donation. Jess Hindley, an Afrogem Director, expressed their commitment, saying, “Turning our big cat range of luxury jewelry into a vehicle to raise funds for Panthera was a no-brainer.”

Panthera Africa stands as a beacon of ethical care, prioritizing the well-being of its resident animals over profit-driven tourism. The sanctuary rescues big cats and cubs from the clutches of canned lion hunting, breeding farms, and the exotic pet trade. In an admirable gesture of support, Afrogem now pledges to donate 20% of all online sales from their exquisite big cat jewelry collection, a part of their renowned African collection, directly to Panthera Africa.

To amplify their support and spread the word about this remarkable sanctuary, Afrogem harnessed the power of their popular Instagram quest. The Afrogem Quest, set to run throughout 2023, offers followers the chance to win fantastic prizes by correctly guessing each location featured in their Cape Town showcase. It’s not just a quest; it’s an opportunity to explore the beauty of Cape Town and make a difference.

Afrogem, a proudly South African company, has garnered a devoted following of jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. Their passion for supporting local tourism initiatives, particularly those with an ethical heart and soul like Panthera Africa, shines through in every facet of their work. When browsing their website at, keep an eye out for the Panthera Africa logo—a symbol of their commitment to supporting this extraordinary big cat sanctuary with all their heart.

In Afrogem’s unique journey through Cape Town, they not only celebrate the beauty of their city but also leave a mark on the world by supporting Panthera Africa’s noble cause. Join them in this adventure, where luxury jewelry meets philanthropy, and together, we can make a difference for the majestic big cats of Panthera Africa.

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