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Always download the local map and stay connected

Meet Lindelwa, an extremely motivated individual, constantly looking to develop her skills and grow professionally. With a true love for travel and adventure, her youthfulness, intelligence and energy shine through her work and have been instrumental in her rapid growth in the hospitality industry.

This ambitious woman is shooting for the stars and nothing is standing in her way.  

Where did your love for travel start?   

My love for travel started when I travelled on family holidays to Wild Coast, Maputo and Cape Town around the country with my parents and siblings. That exposure made me want to explore the world and see different cultures and experiences. In 2010 I got a position in international sales that allowed me to travel substantially overseas.  

Why do you enjoy working in the industry?   

Our industry comprises passionate individuals who love to serve guests with warmth and ubuntu, leaving lasting memories. We have such resilient, dedicated, hardworking professionals who are proud ambassadors of the country.  

What is your favourite destination/place to visit and why?   

One of my favourite destinations is Bali, Indonesia. It is like paradise, with beautiful villas, beaches, the jungles sheltering elephants, orangutans and tigers. The Banyumala Twin waterfalls were amazing!  

Tell us about one of your most memorable travel experiences and why it stands out.   

My most memorable travel experience was in Indonesia; it ticked the boxes with the travel experience in Bali. Kelingking Beach has breathtaking views and is a hidden paradise. I also enjoyed their cultural tourism and the adventure in their jungle on the Bali swing. It was heartwarming doing the local tour and made to feel “at home” with the traditional gear presented to wear and to participate in their activities.  

Give us a travel tip you don’t think anyone else gives.. or that isn’t given enough.    

Always download the local map and stay connected on your mobile. If it means buying their local network card, get it.   

Google translate makes life so much easier when communicating in foreign places.   

Based on the five senses and thinking about travelling, what do you…  

Like to see: beautiful sights of nature, landscapes, friendly faces, animals   

Like to taste: herbs & spices in interesting culinary experiences   

Like to feel: euphoric   

Like to hear: sounds of nature …music that gets me moving to a beat  

Like to smell: the incense of offering from mother earth  

Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows.   

I am an adventure traveller; I love activities that give me an adrenalin rush. Generally, people take me as a luxury traveller.   

Lastly, what do you love about Africa Travel Week (WTM Africa), and what are your sentiments on the evolution of trade shows being part virtual?   

The show is a great platform to engage with new buyers in key source markets and establish new leads for contracting new business. 

Africa Travel Week

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