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Any experience can turn out to be beyond special

This patient, resilient and meticulous industry player is at her best when able to mix technical and creative expertise while still working towards the implementation of events and exhibitions.  

Now the General Manager for Marketing and Buyers for the Travel, Tourism and Creative portfolio at RX she is able to demonstrate her passion for travel, use her witty sense of humour and show her care for the people around her.  

She lives for visiting new places and planning new activities and explains that her best experience was working on the FIFA World Cup 2018 event.   

What do you love most about Africa?  

It’s beauty at every turn. You don’t have to venture far to find somewhere magnificent to make a memory- It’s an experience. From the beaches to the safaris and the hidden gems you find in between. Any experience can turn out to be beyond special. Its stunning, dramatic and untamed, filled with culture, diversity and uniqueness.  

Where are you heading in 2021? What adventures await you?  

ANYWHERE… I would like to explore the outskirts of the Western Cape more and embrace local travel. There are so many affordable, mind-blowing accommodation options and experiences to have in these areas. It would be a shame to be living so close and never take full advantage of it.  

What is your favourite thing about being part of the tourism industry? 

The beauty of all places we get to see, the people we come into contact with, the passion this industry shares and the resilience we have as an industry.  

Based on your 5 senses, can you tell us what you love about travel: 

  • To smell – The fresh, clean air on mountain tops, during beautiful hikes through forests 
  • To hear – different languages of native people and traditional music 
  • To taste – new tastes of the city/country I am. I am a foodie and taste is a huge part of my travel experience so I revel in a the flavours of the world. 
  • To touch – historic sites… I have an album of images of my hand on historic sites such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Cathedrals in Moscow and the Tower of London. It reminds me what has been there before me 
  • To see – Beautiful Architecture, Majestic Beaches and Unique Spaces transformed for us to enjoy 

Africa Travel Week

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