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Friday, 9 April

10h30 – 11h30
Able2Travel: Rethinking Disability
Tarryn Tomlinson, unpacks the accessible tourism market and shows how overlooking the needs of those with disabilities is not only bad for your business image but it can also directly affect your company’s bottom line. She gives some ideas on how companies can start making changes to make their products and services accessible to people living with disabilities, especially in destinations that do not have a strong domestic tourism market?

Tarryn Tomlinson, Accessibility and inclusion auditor

11h30 – 12h30
How to build visitor numbers to an attraction in an emerging economy

With reduced discretionary spend, safety concerns about public places and new home-habits becoming the norm, leisure providers will need to work much harder to prise consumers out of our their new home-based leisure habits. Getting feet through the door of your visitor attraction involves more than just a good marketing strategy. Admissions drive the majority of income on site, a large proportion from entry fees and a secondary proportion from retail and F&B spend. Sabine Lehmann, we discuss how do we increase visitor numbers and build on a domestic visitor base.

Sabine Lehmann, Executive Director and Founder: African Association of Visitor Experiences and Attractions

12h30 – 13h30
WELLNESS HOUR | Thrive! With Rejuvenated Energy and through Stress towards Optimal Wellbeing
In a world of volatility, uncertainty, confusion, fear, anger, an economic downtown, and for a time such as this, Dr Illona E Wilken from Radical Results brings practical tips to break THROUGH the stress, fear and depression, into Optimal WellBeing. 

Nobody can make good decisions, be active and innovative to turn businesses around, or deliver with excellence when they are physically exhausted, lost hope, sick, full of pain, and mentally fatigued, depressed, experiencing brain fog, feeling scatter-brained, having poor memory etc. 

You will learn basic, easy to implement, and powerful tips, on HOW to: Thrive with Rejuvenated Energy, breaking THROUGH the Stress and propel towards OPTIMAL WellBeing. 

Dr Illona Wilken, Owner: Radical Results

13h30 – 14h30
What does the future hold for group travel
Travelling in a group has always been appealing. It was a way of meeting new people while saving money on travel in some instances. This has all changed since the pandemic hit us. With emphasis on safe behaviour patterns, group travel could almost become attainable. How can we pivot our travel/tourism businesses and adapt to these new safety regulations to continue encouraging group travel?

Gugu Sithole
, Director of Glamping Adventures

Kelly Jackson
, Managing Director: The Travel Corporation South Africa
Brian Young, Managing Director EMEA Region: G Adventures

14h30 – 15h30
Gastro-tourism’s economic and quality of life impact through sustainable gastro-destination Development 

This session begins by describing gastro-tourism and how it fits into broader experiential tourism sectors and its potential economic and quality of life multiplier effects at micro (entrepreneurial) and macro (community development) levels in rural and urban areas, especially in developing parts of the world. Images of authentic African possibilities will be shared. The roles, expectations, and characteristics of gastro-tourists and other primary and secondary gastro-stakeholders as well as the important distinctions between deliberate and incidental tourists across generations are revealed. 

Helena Williams, Director of Gastro Gatherings

15h30 – 16h30
Destination Marketing is not only about ad campaigns
This session deals with the Destination Marketing Model that Cape Town Tourism has developed. It will provide an overview of the integrated approach of the nature of the hand-offs between each stage of the tourism value chain. It is the integration between the components of destination marketing, destination management and travel intel that create the synergies not available in a traditional, fragmented destination marketing approach.

Leigh Dawber, Marketing Executive: Cape Town Tourism

16h30 – 17h30
Overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities as a travel entrepeneur
Session powered by Skål

Lavonne Wittmann, World President 2108 – 2019: Skål International