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Faith Mabureki

Faith Mabureki – Owner, Click & Drive Tours  

Faith Mabureki counts herself lucky because she is “one of the few people who have a hobby as a job”. Her wanderlust was ignited by travelling with her parents and her geography teacher. “She told me, ‘if you know your geography, one day you will go to all those places,” recalls Faith.  

As the driving force behind Click & Drive Tours, it has undoubtedly allowed her to experience many places and see some fantastic things. The tour operator offers adventure tours and activities and specialises in Garden Route Tours.

 Faith says working in tourism has taught her to be strong and adaptable, to appreciate different cultures, and, most importantly, always to be ready for new adventures. Whether climbing a mountain or “trying a weird new food,” she says she knows every experience is valuable. 

  Q & A with Faith:

Where did your love for travel start?   

Growing up, I travelled as a child as my parents loved to see new places. This is where my thrill for travelling started.  

Why do you enjoy working in the industry?  

I love the travel industry because l get to work and play at the same time. Your experience is your work. That’s what you sell!  

What is your favourite destination?   

Any new destination will become my favourite. There is so much to see, experience, and learn, so the favourite list becomes long.  

Tell us about one of your most memorable travel experiences and why it stands out.   

The Garden Route. There is a balance of everything for everyone; you can’t be bored. It’s impossible. Every time l visit the Garden Route, there is something new to see. It just keeps giving and giving.  

A great travel tip…  

Be open-minded when you visit places. So many destinations and experiences are not well advertised but are better than what’s obvious.  

Based on the five senses, what do you…   

  • Like to see:  Green, the forest feel  
  • Like to taste:  Anything that is well plated 
  • Like to feel:  Water  
  • Like to hear:  Sounds of nature in harmony with peace  
  • Like to smell:  Mountain fresh air  

Best place for tourism news?  

Your motto? 

There are two choices only, try or do.  

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