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Passionate about Africa’s development and having a heart for travel, Miriro Matema spends her time discovering the nooks of crannies of Africa’s least explored destinations, meeting the beautiful people that call Africa home while analysing the future of Africa’s dynamic travel industry. Miriro is currently a writer with Gallivant Africa as well as a host on Gallivant Radio.

How did you fall in love with travelling? Travelling was a norm when I was growing up. We did long road trips and flew to neighbouring countries every school holiday. My favourite thing and possibly what got me to fall in love with travelling is the immersion into a different culture, a different way of life. It opens your mind – not stuck in a little bubble.

What kind of traveller are you? I am the solo traveller! The one who books the next trip while on the flight back home from a current trip! I always have a bag packed for a spontaneous trip. I am fairly adventurous and will be willing to explore dark caves or eat strange food! I will swim in the ocean and hike the tallest mountain – I just won’t jump out of a plane!

What’s your travel philosophy? When you travel – try something new, get lost, laugh until you have stitches and fall over a few times. Meet new people, help others too – spend every ounce of energy within you. At the end, you can proudly say – I lived.

What are your top travel essentials? Definitely my camera, travel adapter and sunglasses! Let’s not forget my wallet to buy from the local markets.

Where was your most memorable trip? First time visiting Rwanda. It really wasn’t anything I imagined! How the people overcame a brutal past, the beauty of the thousand hills, the delicious food. I am truly fond of coffee – and the Gorilla coffee is probably one of my favourites!

How has traveling changed your life? Travelling continues to transform my life. From my view of new cultures to helping complete strangers get to where they are going. I find the true meaning of humanity within the travel industry. No prejudice. No inhibition. Just being there in the moment.  

When borders open again and the world starts to return to ‘a new normal’ what’s your first travel destination on your list? Rwanda in July, unless I am being too ambitious to believe! Next one is a two-week road trip around Zimbabwe!

Best travel advice you can share? Close your eyes and book that trip. Take that journey. Explore that new place. Just do it!

Africa Travel Week

Africa Travel Week (ATW) focuses on inbound and outbound markets for general leisure tourism, luxury travel, LGBTQ+ travel and the MICE/business travel sector as well as travel technology. Shows include: ILTM Africa, WTM Africa, EQUAL Africa, ibtm AFRICA, Travel Forward, Sports & Events Tourism Exchange and African Tourism Investment Summit.