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Mohamed Zaglout

Mohamed Zaglout – Chairman, Debdab Travel Group 

Mohamed was only 17 years old when he began working as a guide in Debdab: a border area in Algeria between two countries, Libya and Tunisia. It was only a summer job, but it opened his eyes to the tourism industry, and he knew that was his passion.  

He opened an artisanal shop selling gifts and handmade products, but that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to do more in the tourism industry, so he opened a travel agency in Libya called Debdab Travel Libya. The company offered tours, packages, and events for tourists and has since grown into a renowned consolidator operating in the Mediterranean.  

Q & A with Mohamed:

Where did your love for travel start? 

My travels began at a young age, starting in Tripoli. 

Why do you enjoy working in tourism? 

Working in the travel industry is something that has always appealed to me for a number of reasons. To begin with, it satisfies my wanderlust – there’s always somewhere new to explore, whether it’s a different country or simply a new city. And secondly, the work itself is always varied and exciting, with no two days ever being the same. 

What is your favourite destination? 

My favourite destination to visit is definitely Libya; it’s the place where my passion for the industry began. 

Your best travel tip? 

Travelling is always more enjoyable with good company by your side. A travel partner can make or break your trip, so choose wisely! 

Based on the five senses, what do you… 

  • Like to see: Cities, both old and new. 
  • Like to taste: Traditional food. 
  • Like to feel: That feeling of excitement before a trip. 
  • Like to hear: Sounds of nature.  
  • Like to smell: The special smell of every new place I visit. 

What do you love about Africa Travel Week? 

I am so proud to be a north African citizen and to have the opportunity to participate in this exhibit. By adding a virtual trade show, we can communicate with even more people from all over the world and show them the beauty of our continent. 

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