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Tips to attracting the LGBTQ+ Traveller

As the LGBTQ+ community grows, travel professionals are looking at new ways to attract and engage with this niche market. Here, Thomas Roth and David Paisley from Community Marketing and Insights give some tips on appealing to the LGBTQ+ traveller.

All content and marketing material that goes out to your audience should use accepted language and correct terminology so that your traveller is not left feeling uncomfortable but rather confident in your services and approach. 

Personal safety is of utmost importance to this particular market, not only destination safety but also that of their community and the potential anti- LGBTQ+ rules and laws of the country they are visiting. Sadly, most countries in Africa are not very welcoming of this market. South Africa is the only country on the continent where same-sex marriage is legal, and these travellers can travel freely and openly.  

Here are a few tips pointed out during this presentation:

  • LGBTQ+ travellers are generally (although this is changing) less likely to have children, which often means they have more discretionary income.
  • LGBTQ+ travellers tend to be more mobile – often living away from their hometowns, and therefore are very open to travel.
  • A generalised view stated by Thomas and David, is that the gay community tend to choose urban settings, whereas the lesbian community tend to choose to be outdoors.
  • Restaurants and food sit high up on their priorities when travelling, followed by history and other top attractions. They also enjoy exploring LGBTQ+ neighbourhoods in their destination (if there are).

Listen to the whole presentation outlined above:

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