Africa Travel Week
Reante Naidoo

Reante’ Naidoo – Buyer & Digital Director, Travel Tourism and Creative Industries, RX Africa

I very much have to tick off the touristy things in a city but I also love experiencing international cities as a local and experience life as they would.

I am the General Manager for Marketing and Buyers for the Travel, Tourism and Creative portfolio at Reed Exhibitions. I am responsible for all marketing activities relating to the shows and exhibitions we currently work on. These shows include World Travel Market (WTM) Africa, International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) Africa and the umbrella brand Africa Travel Week which hosts a number of various shows, conferences and award ceremonies focusing on leisure tourism, luxury travel, LGBTQ+ travel, MICE/business travel, sports tourism as well as travel technology.

I’m at my best when I am able to mix my technical and creative expertise while working towards the implementation of events, exhibitions, brand activation, conferences and promotions. I have a digital heart and can take any challenge head-on. My passion for digital marketing makes me feel alive.

Tell us 3 words that you feel describe you well  

Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane (ok that’s 6 words)  

What kind of traveller are you?  

I am definitely an experiential traveller. I very much have to tick off the touristy things in a city but I also love experiencing international cities as a local and experience life as they would. Any experience I wouldn’t ordinarily have is a win for me. I also enjoy learning the cultural history and enjoying the architecture in cities 

Tell us about one of your most memorable trips/travel moments. Where and why?   

I would have to say Egypt – the great pyramids of Giza were mind blowing. I didn’t realize that standing on ancient history-rich ground would fill me up so much. It’s incredible to be able to physically see things we have heard about in biblical stories for years… seeing the mummified Ramses II who was actually mentioned in the Bible, touching the water of the Nile River and going into the Cavern Church where the holy family were able to find rest were all incredibly fulfilling moments for me. 

What is your all-time favourite destination in Africa? Why?  

Cape Town, there is just so much to do here. Living here is the best move we have ever made. We can choose to have a holiday on any day and have an array of holiday experiences to choose from. It’s beyond beautiful and has so much wonder.  

Based on the five senses and thinking about travelling what do you…   

  • Like to see: beautiful churches, architecture, ancient sites and beautiful sunsets  
  • Like to taste: the coffees and desserts 
  • Like to feel: the wonder  
  • Like to hear: birds chirping and crashing waves 
  • Like to Smell: Good food  

What unique qualities do you believe women bring to the workplace?  

I believe women bring great inspiration and motivation. They are incredible multi-taskers. Have a unique way of leading while being empathetic. Amazing teachers and mentors who truly care for the people around them every day. 

Tell us about something you’re proud of achieving  

I am proud of climbing up the RX ladder. Starting off as a Marketing executive and now finding my passion in the international buyer programme and the digital systems space is an awesome feeling. I am also proud to be working with such phenomenal people.  

Tell us about one woman in business that you admire  

This is a hard one. I think every single woman in our team is so inspiring and admirable. They are able to juggle so much and still be so good at what they do. I have to make a special mention of our leader Megan Oberholzer as she really takes care of us all and makes sure we’re thriving, not just surviving. I admire our MD Carol Weaving for being such a force in multiple industries and carrying this company on her shoulders.  And like I said I look up to all the powerhouse women in our team – Carmen, Dinisha, Daniella, Helen, Judy, Juliet, Natalie, Penny, Tracey, and Zinhle. They are all so strong, so kind and so intelligent with such big hearts. 

Africa Travel Week

Africa Travel Week (ATW) focuses on inbound and outbound markets for general leisure tourism, luxury travel, LGBTQ+ travel and the MICE/business travel sector as well as travel technology. Shows include: ILTM Africa, WTM Africa, EQUAL Africa, ibtm AFRICA, Travel Forward, Sports & Events Tourism Exchange and African Tourism Investment Summit.