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Dinknesh Ethiopia Tour

Dinknesh Ethiopia Tour (DET) is one of Ethiopia’s premier tour operators. It is a well-organised company providing exceptional holiday opportunities throughout Ethiopia to groups and individuals. They are committed to offering quality services at reasonable prices. DET organises group and private trips to all corners of Ethiopia and covering all the tourist sites in Ethiopia.

Their product offering includes:

  • Historical site tours (Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Lake Tana Monastery, Harar, Tigrai Rock hewn churches, and so on)
  • Cultural tour to the endogenous Omo valley tribes
  • Adventure tour
  • Wildlife safaris
  • Birding tours
  • Photo tours
  • Botanical tours
  • Agricultural tours.

All tours are guided by highly experienced and knowledgeable multilingual guides who guided tours throughout Ethiopia for more than eight years.

ST Mary Zion Church Ethiopia

When you travel with Dinknesh Ethiopia Tour, exceptional experience and excellent value for money are guaranteed!


The word Dinknesh is the Ethiopian name for Lucy (directly translated to you are special), or scientifically called Australopithecus Afarensis the first known hominine. This is the most spectacular discovery of the Awash Valley in Ethiopia’s Afar region, which came in 1974, when 52 fragments of a skeleton enabled the famous “Lucy” to be reconstructed.

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