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Troye May

Behind the Mic with Troye May

Troye May is a certified beer judge and works for the Beer Association of South Africa. He hosts the No.1 beer podcast in Africa, #Beertime and has over 100 episodes. In 2021 Troye raised funds by selling his “beer art” to buy food vouchers for craft brewery staff who were not allowed to trade because of the 3rd alcohol ban in South Africa. 

Troye is passionate about beer and believes that South Africa can be the next beer destination in the world. In 2018 he produced a documentary on craft beer in South Africa called Brewing the Republic, available on YouTube. Troye believes that beer can change the world – he’s not sure how exactly, but he’s getting close to finding out. 

Q&A with Troye 

What are you hoping could ignite enthusiasm on what you’re going to speak about? (without giving away too much) 

I am excited for people to see the amount of amazing craft breweries we have in South Africa. Brew Routes will be the number one portal to showcase these breweries and make them easy to discover. 

What have you missed with regards to face-to-face contact in the events speaking space? 

I’ve missed sitting down and enjoying a beer with people. 

How did you come to do what you do, tell us a bit about your career advancement? 

I’ve always loved beer, but have only come to appreciate it in the last ten years. Beer was always seen as a singular product, i.e. beer = lager = beer, but when I started homebrewing in my bathtub at home, I found this exciting new world of ingredients, recipes and styles. Fast forward to today, and I am very happy and fortunate to be working in a space that I am passionate about. 

Based on your five senses, what are you looking forward to most at the show this year: 

See: Seeing people face to face! 
Taste: Tasting beer with new connections. 
Feel: Feeling the energy and excitement around Beer Tourism. 
Hear: Hearing whispers about tourism’s next big thing! 
Smell: Smelling our stand, which will hopefully be smelling like beer. 

What makes Africa Unique? 

Africa is unique in that every day is a new adventure and opportunity for discovery. 

What is the first thing you will do once you set foot in Cape Town? 

I live in Cape Town, but if I were a tourist, I would find a local brewery to visit. 

Looking back as past events that you have been to, what business connection/relationship stands out that made it truly worthwhile? 

I really enjoyed meeting the Western Cape Tourism and South African Tourism stands at the WTM 2019 in London. I believe we share a common interest in promoting tourism in our country. 

Tell us a story about a past event where something truly memorable happened (funny or serious)? 

While waiting for a meeting at one of the USA Tourism stands, there were some snacks available on the table. I only discovered after I had eaten one, but the peanuts were habanero flavoured. I did not enjoy that peanut, but the meeting was hilarious. 

Find me at WTM Africa: 

Topic: New types of tourism 

Date: 11 April 2022, 12:30 – 13:15 

Stage: Global Stage 

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