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Engaging modern audiences takes fresh thinking

Promotional opportunities are constantly evolving; it may be time to review and update your stand engagement strategy. Here’s our guide to hitting the mark every time.

When was the last time you reviewed your exhibiting strategy? Are you sure you are using the latest channels? Times are changing rapidly – as buyers, millennials behave differently to past generations and technological development is fast increasing the engagement options – it can be effective to stick with what works, but what else is there?

You’ve heard about millennials, right? They’re the generation that grew up with the internet, are at one with technology, live large chunks of their lives through social media and rely on access to instant information through their smartphones before making almost any decision. They’re turned-off by corporate culture and expect brand experiences to be personalised and sincere. Millennials are game-changers and they increasingly make up large swathes of the workforce. Personalise your sponsorship and you’re on to a winner.

Fortunately, Millennials, along with their younger counterparts, Generation Z are very open to new ideas and love learning new skills. And they’re driving this trend across all audience groups, as none can afford to fall behind. If you use the right engagement tools, modern audiences are responsive. Trade shows with a strong online presence that support this personalised, face-to-face engagement are the perfect platform on which to reach them.

So, here’s how you might structure your stand engagement strategy for modern audiences: seek to engage online before the show through the show’s digital advertising platforms, drive them to your stand during the show by sponsoring highly visible show elements, create a stand experience that is authentic and personal by relaxing formalities and chatting openly about visitors’ needs. Then after the show, follow up using the channels they prefer to be contacted through – social media, email, SMS. Plus, if possible, a post-show newsletter advert or article can be an effective final way to reinforce your brand.Engagement techniques have changed to meet our audiences’ expectations and we passionately recommend that you keep a critical eye on your approach to ensure you’re always using your budget to maximise exposure through the most effective channels.

Africa Travel Week

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