Africa Travel Week

EQUAL Africa for all travellers

Diversity, inclusivity and equality were the hallmarks of today’s Equal Africa stage as leaders of the LGBTQ+ community converged at Africa Travel Week to discuss, among others, how to earn brand loyalty from this growing market.

What did you miss?

  • Safety is more important than anything, especially where LGBTQ+ lifestyles are considered a criminal offense in various parts of the world. Communication with clients and guests is key.
  • All the information needed to successfully tap into this space is out there – travel suppliers simply need to find it and put it to use.
  • When you pinkwash for a pride month, you slap a colourful flag on your existing material. That’s a tactic, not a strategy and can come over as offensive.
  • It’s vital to communicate and offer more visibility. Members of this community want to spend their money where they feel valued and seen.
  • It’s important to market using inclusive language and images.
  • Ensure all staff members understand the community and culture and how to integrate this into their daily dealings with clients and guests, and into your brand’s overall messaging. Tap into the deep understanding – don’t just stick a flag on your marketing.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to seek advice from members of the community. Hire knowledgeable creatives and researchers and reach out to join LGBTQ+ organisations.
  • Attracting the LGBTQ+ traveller boils down to education. You need to understand your audience.

Dorine Reinstein