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Travel runs through the ATW team’s veins. We asked them, what their most memorable trip has been. This is what they had to say…

Megan De Jager (Oberholzer)

My first international trip –
I was 11 years old and my Dad had planned a family holiday to the USA. I remember landing in New York and being in the back of a yellow cab as we drove over the Brooklyn bridge as my Dad looked back at me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with all the lights and big buildings. It was a whole new world that I never knew existed and it’s when the travel bug hit me!


Carmen Wagener

A definite highlight so far has been visiting Vietnam. The country captured my heart with its natural beauty, Buddhist pagodas, beaches and exquisite cuisine and coffee. From bustling cities such as Ho Chi Minh,  to cycling through a myriad of charming rural villages in Hoi An and the Mekong Delta – everyday was a feast for the senses. 

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Reante’ Naidoo
Hosted Buyer + Marketing Manager

I spent two months living and working on the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia and it all came down to the final match. With the work over, I found myself seated behind the France goal post witnessing every winning goal scored. But, the moment I will never forget is when they lifted that trophy and the skies opened up and showered the entire stadium.

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Zinhle Khosa
Senior Admin +
Events Executive

I was lucky to do some travelling this year, before COVID-19 pandemic. It was a cruise to the Portuguese Islands. One of my 2020 goals was to travel the world and doing a cruise was top of my travel list. The fact that it happened, I will forever be grateful. It will remain the best memorable trip as it was my number one travel goal.

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Helen Van Tonder
Hosted Buyer Executive

Over a 15 year period, my husband and I have completed all of the walking trails in the Kruger National Park. An incredible experience to get really close to Africa’s Big Five – we were even mock charged by a lioness once on a trail; got between a female Rhino and her baby; tripped over a snake; fell behind and was followed by a hyena and was screamed at by a troop of Baboons  –  experiences like these really gets the adrenalin going!

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Daniella Galante
Senior Digital Marketing Executive

My favourite travel memory is travelling to London and Paris. It was the first time I ever left South Africa, it was so exciting and thrilling! I love that you can sit in a plane for a few hours and the next minute you’re on the other side of the world, with different people, different cultures, different food. Seeing all the places
I had only seen in photos or on TV such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower was magical! 

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Sam Thabang

With out a doubt, in 2014 when I walked into the Reed Exhibitions building as an intern as a part of the SETE team. My experience came full circle when showtime finally arrived, knowing I’d worked so, so hard to get the nod to fly down to Durban, I mean my first ever time on a plane, it was my first ever check-in at a hotel, and obviously my first build, show day and breakdown.