Africa Travel Week

RECAP: Rebuilding Tourism and Hospitality Sustainably

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive. It is the ones most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

Tourism as the vanguard!

Could Covid-19 be a dress rehearsal for Climate Change and could it be giving us a golden opportunity to create a better future? 2020 was the tipping point – 2021 is the turning point.

Thanks to lockdown, people have had time to read and think. The increase in awareness around the climate crisis and ecosystem collapse is phenomenal. I have been participating in global virtual workshops with up to 20,000 online attendees – unthinkable two years ago.

Corporations, industries, governments, banks, shareholders, producers, consumers are showing a readiness to do something to varying degrees of sophistication, altruism and sadly, window-dressing.

We will demystify the jargon, corporate-speak and acronyms to clarify the why, how and who should do what. Keep it simple, realistic and practical. We will summarise the IPCC and Paris goals and targets, the Circular Economy and Sustainable, Regenerative Systems that dominate the latest topics to see where these apply to tourism and hospitality and how surprisingly easy it can be to make better choices.

Tourists are looking for fresh, healthy destinations and they know what to look for. We will offer them all that, and more.

Leave the room feeling well-informed and confident to demand action by decision-makers that will futureproof our families and careers.

Africa Travel Week

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