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Source market playbook: Botswana 

Do you want to attract more travellers from Botswana to your destination? Then you need to know what makes them tick. Beach, shopping and relaxing are popular with this diverse travel market, but there’s more to it than that. Learn about the Botswana traveller and what they’re really after. 

Traveller preferences 

As Botswana becomes increasingly developed, its citizens are venturing further afield for their holidays. Beach destinations such as Mauritius, Swakopmund, Cape Town, Croatia, the Maldives, and Dubai are becoming increasingly popular among travellers from Botswana. This is probably due to ease and accessibility – and the desire for new experiences outside the landlocked country.  

Marvin Griffith, travel consultant manager at Botala Sky Travel & Tours, says that while travellers have traditionally explored the countries around Botswana, like Zimbabwe and South Africa, they are now becoming more adventurous and travelling to more distant places such as Europe and Mauritius. 

Botswanans love to explore and relax, and Dubai is a popular destination for its shopping and lifestyle. The younger generation is always on the lookout for good Instagram photo opportunities,” says Marvin.  

Traveller demographics 

The tourism market in Botswana is very diverse, and all types of travellers are represented. Couples and group travel are particularly popular, with many booking longer stays of up to ten nights. According to Marvin, the number of women travelling in groups for weekend getaways has increased recently. 

Travel inspiration 

Social media plays a significant role in travel inspiration for many Botswanans. Whether it’s friends and family sharing photos and stories from their recent travels or simply seeing beautiful pictures and videos from around the world, social media is a powerful tool to inspire wanderlust. 

Barriers to the Botswana market  

Post-pandemic, many people in Botswana are eager to travel to new places, Marvin says. The ease of entry in terms of Covid protocols will often dictate destination choice. 

Tips to attract Botswana travellers 

Many travellers find it more convenient to arrange their hotel and transportation reservations in advance. However, they often prefer to be independent once they reach their destination and opt for self-drive options. Group bookings are popular as they can make travel cheaper. 

Botswana travellers are always looking for great deals on flights and accommodations. But they are also very motivated to find good holiday options. This makes promoting beach holidays to them a great opportunity,” says Marvin. 

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