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The spontaneous, no-frills, let’s turnup kinda traveller: Muthuri Kinyamu

We decided to have sustainability at the core of tours with storytelling and impact, so that’s how Turnup.Travel was born with a triple bottom line approach to travel, content creation and CSR.  

How did you fall in love with travelling? 

When I lead a team of content creators for a three-month social media takeover of Kenya Tourism Board campaign called Great Migration, the initiative opened my eyes to so many great places; how to work with various stakeholders in tourism, opportunities, but most importantly, I met my Co-founder Brian Gatimu on one of those trips.

What kind of traveller are you? 

The spontaneous, no-frills, let’s turnup kinda traveller. I’ve left the house not knowing my stop for the night and return date. I was born ready to travel, shall we? 

Tell us about one of your most memorable trips? 

Every trip is unique in its own way, but perhaps my first time in Turkana Land – the origin of mankind was mind-blowing in terms of perspective and experience – what I was thinking vs what I saw. It changed my view on so many lens and that transformational power of travelling is what really makes a trip memorable.  

What lessons have you learnt from your experience during COVID

Diversify -at Turnup.Travel we have three pillars and five strategic business units as we build an African travel brand for themed experiences, storytelling and social impact. We remained open, didn’t let go of our staff and even hired new team members. 

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. 

We started our business during a tough election year in Kenya when we had elections contested in the supreme court; save what you earn and spend diligently. Don’t put your eggs in one basket, so invest your savings in other industries or asset classes.  

Based on the five sense and thinking about travelling, what do you

  • Like to see: The Western Kenya sunsets 
  • Like to taste: A cold Tusker lager. 
  • Like to feel: wind on my face, windows rolled down as we cruise in Northern Kenya through East Africa’s only true desert.  
  • Like to hear: sounds of African music at a festival 
  • Like to smell: Water bodies calm me. 

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