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Neom is promising the tourism of tomorrow 

The creation of a futuristic high-tech destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set to raise the bar as the ultimate travel hub – it’s going to be out of this world. 

We all know about rising from the ashes, creating something extraordinary out of invisible chemical components, but Neom will take this phenomenon one step further.  

Rising from the Arabian Desert, this cutting-edge, uber smart city will be a location devoid of cars or roads. Rather, this thriving region will have the environment at its heart and nature at its foundation.  

An urban landscape, featuring exquisite natural wonders, Neom will be powered 100% by renewable energy. The initiative will be a powerhouse in water production and challenge the status quo of innovation with state-of-the-art technology. Most significantly, Neom will pioneer Regenerative Tourism to create authentic human connections and sustainable, impactful journeys through Tawazun, a balance in the wellbeing travel experience and the joy of discovering the wonders of this unique destination. 

New frontiers in travel 

Andrew McEvoy, Head of Neom’s Tourism Sector shares how Neom is a beautiful landscape of high mountains, colourful desert, Red Sea coastline and 41 islands. 

Set to part the desert sands and open in 2030, Neom offers an incredibly appealing tourism space. Think seamless access with first world airports, enviable hotels and to top it all off, each structure will be built to adhere to environmentally conscious principles.  

For those wanting the ultimate experience, with little to no effort, innovative technology will blow your mind in Neom. AI, VR and holograms allow you to experience travel with alternative perspectives and tailor-made offerings. Residents will be free to walk and cycle at leisure and high-speed underground trains will rocket you to wherever you wish in the utopian oasis.  

Celebrate nature that will thrive throughout the city. Snow-capped mountains create an ideal backdrop, seas of green will blanket the landscape and colourful coral reefs entice one to dive in the deep.  

Achieving Tawazun – the art of balance 

Tourists and visitors will play a part in the creation of Neom, always ensuring they leave only a light travel footprint. There are endless opportunities to invest in the many projects at Neom such as rewilding, reforestation, the growth of Arabian savannah and the longevity of luxury glamping dome parks. Added to this is initiating the flow of pure water from the aquifers and building the world’s largest protected coral gardens. Those who journey through Neom will become a part of its heritage.  

Upon leaving, you will be gifted a regenerative receipt, to show how you contributed positively to any one of several initiatives.  

Neom is more than tourism – it is sustainable living, technological transformation and human progress that we have only ever seen in the most imaginative sci-fi movies.  

The future is now. The future is Neom. 

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