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How do we stay productive and manage our stress during these dark times?

In part 4 of our #INTHEKNOW on Thursday, 16 June, we kept it fresh with Dr Bena Long, an Executive Coach and Organisational Consultant who focused this session on reframing and refocusing our mindsets.

With more than 10 000 hours of training with masters of peak performance, Dr Long has taught thousands of individuals looking to de-stress, and build resilience.

If you missed the live recording, catch the recap here:


Executive coach, Speaker and Organisational Consultant, Dr. Bena focuses on personal growth and healthy living. Dr. Bena began her career as an NCAA Division One Gymnast in search of the perfect 10 only to end in injury.

She pivoted into monk-like dedication to the practice and study of the science and art of meditation, yoga, chi gung and tai chi with more than 10,000 hours of training with masters of peak performance. Teaching thousands of individuals looking to de-stress, build resilience, and experience spiritual awakening.

This led to individual and group lessons that soon evolved into spiritual retreats, MBA and graduate-level university courses, speaking and business workshops.


Dr. Bena coaches people at some of the most successful companies, non-profits and universities on the planet, including Google, Amazon, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Black Rock, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, and Wharton Executive Education/INSEAD.

A speaker, retreat Leader providing whole-person leadership performance coaching, and education for executives from the Fortune 100, Barron’s ranked financial advisors and top quintile advisors for retreat trainings, conferences, and individual coaching from Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Black Rock, Raymond James, UBS, and The United States Treasury.

Successes have included alliance-based programming that had 2.4 Million yearly savings due to reduction in employee attrition, multiple graduates achieved Barron Top 100 and Top 1 000 rankings in their fields; and graduates report across-the-board improvements in health and wellness, stress reduction, and focus.

Dr. Bena coaches global leaders working within a multinational context. Executives on cross-cultural and repatriation assignments across industries in the Fortune 500 such as Johnson and Johnson, Barclays Capital, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, and Merck.

With coaching results that included: inclusion to successfully lead multi-cultural team and cross-cultural company, promotions attained, team trust developed company growth and sustainable organizational cultural change, increased self and team awareness of strengths for better collaboration and results.

Organisational development is a natural outcome of working with executives. They grow, they want their teams to do their best and their companies to thrive. 

Her consulting includes promoting self-leadership, wellness and inclusion as a competitive advantage that strategically enables client-facing talent and internal employees to rise to potential. A client outcome example of success showed increases in sales revenue-33%, productivity-20%; and work quality and reduced costs 22%

Dr Bena enjoys helping clients and organisations’ grow and transform. She conducts research and writes science-based articles on long-term mindfulness, meditation, and yoga in leadership and at work.

She is a mom and happily married. Balances an active life with her values of solitude, simplicity, and beauty, dedicated to the study of the mind and being within – the path of mastery over oneself in devotion.

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