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We got the Seychelles back!

Aside from running the successful #IAMTOURISM campaign as part of #SouthAfricaisTravelReady collective, the Big Ambitions team is currently celebrating a recent win of a return client: the Seychelles Tourism Board.

“We’ve got them back for a small project until December but there might be more to come!” says Roland Muller, a Brand Owner at Big Ambitions.

“They were one of our most well-loved clients and we are ecstatic to have them back. It makes us feel hopeful to see business picking up for us again and to know that our hard work is paying off.”

In other good news for the destination, the authorities in Seychelles have given permission for travellers from South Africa to enter Seychelles as of Monday 19th October 2020. Travellers from the following African countries will now be permitted to enter:  South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Niger, Burundi, Ghana, Rwanda, Botswana, Cote D’Ivoire and Kenya. 

Looking back a year ago before COVID, the Big Ambitions team was sporting bandanas and conquering the wilds of Boksburg – a rare day ‘off’ from the frenetic and often stressful job of communications, marketing and community building.

“The fire you see in the faces of this team of ours has burned even brighter despite the relentless push to dive right in over the last few months, to do more with less, worker longer, harder and smarter, quite often venturing into roles that were challenging, new and scary,” explains Natalia Rosa, Director of Big Ambitions.

“There’s a long road ahead, but a long road stretches behind us. We’ve had to say goodbye to a few colleagues, been bruised in battles, lost and won some as well. We’ve been open to learning, rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in to help our tourism and travel community.

“Almost every day has been borderline terrifying. The dogged accumulation of these terrifying days amidst increasing demands has been exhausting, but we dig deep knowing that it’s what is needed every day,” she concludes.

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