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Will culinary tourism define the future of tourism?

In a world where every experience – including travel – has been digitalised, culinary tourism is a welcome exception. The reason: flavours and tastes simply can’t be digitalised.    

Travellers have been able to visit the world from their living room for the past two years. They’ve been offered VR tours of popular attractions, digital days at the beach and even online wildlife excursions. But culinary tourism requires authentic local ingredients for which travellers need to be on the ground.  

Even before the pandemic hit, culinary tourism was more than just a buzzword. Food tourists grew in numbers as they sought a deeper understanding of their chosen destination through food, culture, and history.  

Today, as health and sustainability are gaining momentum, we expect the culinary tourism trend to explode. Travellers will increasingly seek socially responsible culinary experiences that actively support local communities.  

According to the “2020 Food Travel Monitor” research, “85% of Millennial and 85% of Gen Z leisure travellers share their travel experiences on social media on at least half of their trips”. And these younger generations are actively promoting un-digitalised culinary experiences and encouraging travel to the places they are experiencing.  

This exciting tourism niche has the potential to stimulate local, regional, and national economies by enhancing sustainability and inclusion. At the same time, it can substantially contribute to the agriculture and food manufacturing industries. 

Culinary tourism is a beacon of hope for the tourism industry, as it offers in-person experiences that tick the boxes of authenticity, sustainability, and health.  

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