Africa Travel Week

Behind the Mic with Maggie Mutangiri 

Q&A with Maggie 

What are you hoping could ignite enthusiasm on what you’re going to speak about? (without giving away too much) 

We have joined forces with some of the top tourism destinations to help WTM visitors rediscover their wanderlust.  

What’s in store: 
* Beta-test destinations and experiences without hoping on a plane! 
* Detach from the real- world and rejuvenate your soul through a bird’s eye view. 

After such a long time indoors, you may be dying to go on safari. The travel fairy specializes in making travel dreams come true so you are covered! All you have to do is strap on and voila! – you are on safari in one of Africa’s top safari destinations. Now that’s a good day! 

What have you missed with regards to face-to-face contact in the events speaking space? 

I miss being able to physically see the other party or parties in a conversation. It’s the personal attention you show that proves that you are actively engaging with your audience, therefore building stronger relationships. Face to face communication allows you to better read body language and facial expressions. Often things can be misinterpreted when on a virtual meeting, email or instant messaging. 

How did you come to do what you do, tell us a bit about your career advancement? 

At some point in my life as a teenager, I couldn’t decide on the career path I wanted to pursue so my dad suggested tourism and looking back I understand why, he knew me better, I am a daring explorer at heart!  Years later and having worked as a safari consultant and for an international airline, I have had the privilege to travel, meet new people and experience many unforgettable destinations. This always rekindles my thirst for learning. Learning through travel helps me view life through a new lens and my experiences of travelling have shaped me into a story teller. The lessons I have learnt have made me appreciate where we come from – Africa! I realised we have to tell our own stories and what better way to tell these stories than through tourism – the beauty of Africa; its people, rich, diverse cultural and natural heritage. This is how Travel Africa Network was born! 

 Based on your five senses, what are you looking forward to most at the show this year: 

  • Taste: I love food – (minus tree nuts, that would be the end) 
  • Smell: as long as it’s not coffee 😊 

What makes Africa Unique? 

Africa offers more than safaris! We have approximately 3,000 tribes – all have their own language and culture. Home to some of the world’s oldest civilisations, I think that’s all-around fascinating! To top this up the continent is home to breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, incredible wildlife and natural resources making it an incredible top destination on your adventure list. 

 What is the first thing you will do once you set foot in Cape Town? 

I don’t mean to make anyone jealous but AS A LOCAL, I would suggest a morning trip up Table Mountain for spectacular views of the city. From here, head to the beach for some sun, sand, and surf, or experience the Mother City’s rich history. Be sure to dedicate some time to tour the vineyards and enjoy our local cuisine, you won’t regret it! 

Looking back as past events that you have been to, what business connection/relationship stands out that made it truly worthwhile? 

Travel Africa Network has been a WTM Africa partner for 5 years. This partnership has given us amazing opportunities to make incredible connections and build business relationships that have been an integral and necessary part of our growth. I strongly believe that though this platform, our business has gone from being “just another company” to an international broadcast travel TV channel and a brand the industry knows and trust. 

Tell us a story about a past event where something truly memorable happened (funny or serious)? 

As a WTM Africa Media Partner, our schedule is always packed with video interviews and general film coverage of the event. On this day, our team was extremely busy that for me, having lunch did not cross my mind until I hurriedly bumped into a colleague strolling the exhibition floor holding a plate with mouth-watering finger food in her hand. Food FOMO got the best of me and the consequences of not checking the ingredients did not cross my mind when I quickly helped myself with whatever that was on her plate. A few seconds later I realised I had made a big mistake… I ended up in the medical room with nut allergies and survived to tell my nutty story! 

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