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Girls only: 4 reasons you should take a girls’ weekend

WOMEN do it all. They juggle demanding careers, take care of households and provide a support system to their near and dear.

And, sometimes a much-needed break is necessary, away from the partner, kids or family.

A girls’ weekend offers that and more – with wine and girl talk the order of the day.

Shaun Lamont, managing director of First Group Hotels and Resorts, shares the benefits of taking a girls’ trip.

It’s good for your health.

“At least 22 studies have shown that having social support decreases the heart-racing, blood-pressure-boosting responses that humans and other social animals have to stress, and the hormones it sends surging,” Lamont said.

He said when oxytocin levels were high, reactions to stress were dampened.

“Stress is less likely to do the kind of damage that can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease and metabolic disorders. We even heal faster and better from wounds when oxytocin is high,” he said.

“People with strong social support structures have more robust immune systems and are less likely to succumb to infectious disease – this is so relevant with Covid-19 all around us,” Lamont said.

It’s good for your career

The Harvard Business Review found that while both genders benefit from having a strong network to lean on, women with a close circle of female contacts were more likely to secure executive jobs with higher salaries.

“People do business with those they like and trust, and women tend to spend time on building and nurturing relationships. Women also aren’t afraid to ask for advice and to praise, giving credit where credit is due,” he said.

You’ll live longer

Women tend to reach out to their girlfriends when stressed. Internalising stress could lead to fatal heart attacks.

You’ll be happier

Lamont said social connections were the key to happiness and positivity.

“Friends make us burst into raucous laughter when we are feeling down or raise a glass in celebration with us when we have good news. The need to belong to a girl tribe is quite simply, fundamental to happiness.

“Road tripping with your mates is good for you. And whether you’re into long, leisurely, poolside naps, or taking hundreds of selfies, working up an appetite on a hike, or getting lost in a good book, you are guaranteed to make a bucket-load of long-lasting, magical memories,” he said.

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