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Dinisha Pillay

Dinisha Pillay – Customer Services Coordinator, RX Africa 

I’m a liquorice all sorts kind of traveller.

Dinisha is a mother, wife, friend and confidant with a passion for the kitchen where she enjoys trying new recipes and feeding those close to her.  

Her friends and colleagues know her for being empathetic, friendly and kind and always looking for an opportunity to add value to others’ lives. Helping people gives Dinisha great joy, which is why she was appointed the position of customer services coordinator.   

What kind of traveller are you?  

I love touring Cities and historical sites, but if we take our 3-year-old daughter with us then we prefer a more relaxed beach holiday. 

Tell us about one of your most memorable trips/travel moments. Where and why?   

Recently my husband surprised me with a trip to the Maldives. It truly is the most beautiful place on earth. The most memorable part of my trip was painting a Maldivian sunset, finding Dori and swimming with sharks and the most beautiful manta. 

What is your all-time favourite destination in Africa? Why?  

The Drakensberg, it’s just so peaceful and beautiful and always green, especially in winter. 

Based on the five senses and thinking about travelling what do you…   

  • Like to see: Historic Churches 
  • Like to taste: Asian food  
  • Like to feel: Sea Sand 
  • Like to hear: The subtle waves at night 
  • Like to Smell: The shower gel at our last hotel 😊  

What unique qualities do you believe women bring to the workplace? 

Empathy and Leadership 

Tell us about something you’re proud of achieving:

Recently I was able to assist a different team with their Hosted Buyer Programme. The Buyers had an extremely successful show and were ever so grateful for the opportunity to be hosted. The feedback was incredible and this was a phenomenal experience and achievement.  

Tell us about one woman in business that you admire

This is so difficult because I admire all the women in my team and they all offer different perspectives on situations.  

If I can I would like to choose 2, Megan and Reante, both these ladies have played such an important role in my career, in developing me and leading me on the right path.  

Megan encouraged me to take on a new role that I didn’t think was for me, but I tried and her encouragement just made me flourish. 

Reante is an amazing leader. Her patience, warmth, kindness and leadership in my new role helped me grow and become extremely successful and passionate. 

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