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WEBINAR: The Ultimate Guide to your new Luxury Traveller to Africa

Remember the days that the luxury traveller to Africa was the affluent retired ‘white’ couple? That demographic has fundamentally changed.

The new luxury traveller to Africa is younger and more savvy than ever. In fact, by 2026, Millennials and Gen Z will make up more than 60 percent of luxury spending across industries, up from 39% in 2019. What’s more is that luxury travel is not necessarily associated wit the ‘rich’ anymore. Middle-class tourists from emerging markets have an increased spending power.

With this changing demographic come new demands and wishes. According to a recent report by Highsnobiety, young luxury buyers want brands that are credible, with authentic narratives and honest cultural interventions. The luxury travel industry suddenly has a much larger emerging market to target where it is crucial to tap into something truly bespoke, relevant and niche, and be able to adapt this offering when necessary.

In this webinar, we delve into this new and younger luxury traveller. What does he/she want? And is the African travel and tourism industry ready to cater to this new luxury traveller?

Meet our panelists:

Elizabeth Gordon – Co-founder and CEO: Extraordinary Journeys

Travel is my passion, and my goal as the founder and CEO of Extraordinary Journeys to give my clients the experience of a lifetime, every time they book with us. I know firsthand the potential of travel to transform your life, change your perspective, and bring you adventure, connections, relaxation, and fun.

Born in Kenya and raised in Paris, I explored the world from a young age. After graduating from Stanford, I worked in Namibia and started a business in Buenos Aires. I have visited over 40 countries and taken more than 30 trips to Africa. I am active in the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Africa and Safari Professionals of the Americas.

Marcelo Novais – Business Development Manager: Grand Africa Safaris

Growing up in the Pantanal area in central Brazil, made me a nature lover and wildlife passionate, and my enthusiasm for travel was always there since the beginning when I left my hometown to join the Brazilian Air Force as a Cadet, with a dream of becoming a pilot. After some amazing and unique years of my life, I have decided to change and really get into the travel industry, moving to São Paulo, Brazil, and start working with renowned companies in the trade. This decision took me to more than 40 countries around the globe and 5 continents so far.

I have more than 20 years of working in the Travel Industry, acting in different areas such as ECO-Tourism, MICE, Leisure, Luxury Market, and Safaris, with expertise in inbound, outbound, sales, operations, products, supplier relations, team training’s, marketing, and business development.

Martina Bath – Group Sales Manager: Liz McGrath Collection

Experienced Tourism Executive with a demonstrated history of working within the hospitality industry. Skilled in Sales Management, Budgeting, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Hospitality Management, and Hotel Booking. Strong entrepreneurship professional graduated from The Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

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