Africa Travel Week

Let Africa embrace you with open arms

Cindy has been involved in opening restaurants for the past 39 years with GOLD being her 10th! She has been involved in tourism based busineses for the past 20 years with her focus being people, training, travelling and learning. She believes that living by reputation outweighs that of money and finds that focusing on food and wine plays a big part in this.

What do you love most about Africa? 

There is so much to love and to be inspired by this continent that I opened GOLD Restaurant to showcase Africa! There is a constant drumbeat – a heartbeat – which I feel wherever I travel in Africa. It is in the smiles of the adults and the children, the spontaneous singing and dancing, the natural rhythms and perfect voices.

The love that surrounds you when you show love and respect, and before you know it, you are in their home, cooking and eating with the family. Africa embraces you and if your arms are open wide enough, you will be accepted and part of its family and will never be alone 

Where are you heading in 2021? What adventures await you? 

I have just returned from Botswana, and have a few more local trips planned in 2021. The positive side of this awful year has been exploring South Africa and appreciating once again, all the beauty and amazing products and scenery that we have on our doorstep 

What is the favourite thing about Africa Travel Week? 

Connecting with old friends and making new friends. Being able to feel a connection on an on-line forum was a surprise 

Based on your 5 senses, what are you looking forward to most during the Africa Travel Week 2020 in Cape Town?

  • Like to see: my friends and colleagues in the industry
  • Like to taste: more local food 
  • Like to feel: a hug 
  • Like to hear: raucous laughter 
  • Like to smell: the fynbos 

Africa Travel Week

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